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2022 Spring Block 8
GEO 260/Course/A - GIS (Geographic Information Systems) | Credits 1.00
An introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GISs), computer-based frameworks for capturing, storing, querying, and displaying geospatial data. Course includes lecture and hands-on laboratory components exploring an array of topics, such as, geospatial data acquisition; cartography; topology and terrain mapping; vector and raster data models; coordinate systems; data mining and exploration; geocoding; dynamic segmentation; and network, least cost path, and shortest path analyses. Through hands-on assignments, students learn the basics of creating, reading, interpreting, and analyzing maps, with particular emphasis on the use of GIS tools in Earth, life, and social sciences. Guided exercises are complemented by end-of-class projects tailored to the interests of each student (e.g., archaeology, biology, economics, geology, politics, or sociology). Students require no prior coding or computer expertise.

(Science)(Quantitative Reasoning Intensive)

Registration Type Traditional
Fees N/A
Instructors Drew Muscente - He
Duration 4/11/2022 - 5/4/2022
Schedule Per Syllabus  9:00 AM - 3:00 PM;  Cornell College, Norton Geology Center, Room 303
Prerequisites N/A
Corequisites N/A
Credit Types Audit Credit
Class 25 Seats | 3 Remaining
Open (Minimum Met)

Primary population and other student populations allowed to register for this course:
 Primary Population# Others Allowed# Others Registered
Campus  Cornell College250
Program  Undergraduate250
Department  Geology2522